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There are often intricacies and details that will decide how competent and serious you are in gauging your partner. This is also the reason why more fashion-conscious men wear jewellery, since they know it gives them a completely personal touch.


Men with watches are sexy


There has been a prejudice since a long time that jewellery is only for women, machos or homosexuals. But these times are long gone! Showy gold chains certainly don’t make men look sexy; Mediterranean machos flaunt their neckline with wide unbuttoned shirts. A watch can be classy if it attracts positive attention. In the era of smartphones, it is no longer an essential piece of jewellery for men since long, but often the only visible accessory.


The perfect partner look


Thus, watches are not just the ideal gift but also the perfect accessory for a partner look. Since it doesn’t have to be the same as an engagement ring, which shows your fellow men that you and your loved one are a couple. We would have another solution there: Do you still remember these colourful friendship bands, which you gifted your best friend, so that everyone would know that both of you are together? Don’t worry; you do not have to start tying that again. Our idea is much more elegant. The perfect partner look can be created with modern watches from Sailorwatch! The models are unisex; you can choose the perfect one for you from a variety of straps.


Now the question arises, whether you have a common liking when it comes to jewellery. Gold? Silver? Leather? You need to take this decision yourself. But we guarantee that you will certainly find something from a variety of ornamental watches by Sailorwatch.


Must have for every man 

One thing is certain, whether as a promise of love, status symbol or sexy accessory, a wrist watch is an eye-catcher for a man and if not as a token of love, then perhaps a good conversation starter.


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