….. This is who we are….

We are in search of fashionable and trendy products right since our company’s foundation in 2012. We get our ideas from all over the world, where trends are developed. Here, we have been able to prove our strengths in the recent years and we have introduced several successful products in the market. SAILOR is very special for us and it is not by chance that we are SAILOR. SAILOR means seaman; sailors are on a continuous journey around the world. On high seas, several adventures and challenges are experienced and overcome.  This also reflects our objectives for our customers. The steering wheel in our logo symbolizes that the carrier of our products can safely control his ship through ups and downs. Join us on our journey. We consider every purchaser of our products as our crew member and accordingly work together. Discover the feeling of a SAILOR.




…… We are located here…..

Our safe haven is in Ruhr area and Rhineland. Wherever we go, we always come back here. We have our headquarters (Office & Administration) in the heart of the Ruhr area. You can contact us here and we shall personally and promptly address your queries. Rheinland (Düsseldorf) is our dock for incoming and outgoing goods. Our crew works hard every day and give their best to dispatch high quality goods safely.



…… This is our aim …..

We want to make you look pretty and happy with our products. We keep track of the essentials through our streamlined and trendy designs. SAILOR stands for this. Even on a sea journey, one must ensure not to bring along too much of baggage on the ship; this motto is also applicable to our products. These are not overloaded with any kind of ornamentation, but support you in your positive aura.



….. This is what we offer ……..

Currently, we have stylish wrist watches in our collection, which should enthral our young and young-at-heart target group. In the near future, we are planning to add certain new products, which are in line with the spirit of the time. We are already looking forward to presenting these to you in good time. If you want to continue your journey with us, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram #sailorwatch or on Facebook under sailorwatch.